Double Attack

The Blackjack Double Attack

The blackjack double attack refers to a variation of the game that uses Spanish 21 rules mixed with regular blackjack rules. As with Spanish 21, blackjack double attack uses decks with 48 cards instead of 52 (the 10s are removed). This results in a hard time using regular blackjack strategies to get an edge over the house.

The Rules

When it comes to the rules of regular blackjack, players win by getting close to 21 and by making the dealer bust. Dealers also have to stand on hard and soft 17s and get checked for natural 21s. However, the main noticeable difference would be that pushes aren't considered ties. In blackjack double attack, pushes result in lost bets. Plus, players do not get paid out 3:2 for blackjack, but only 1:1 instead.

The "double attack" term comes from the fact that players can increase their bets after they see the up-card of the dealer. Remember that, if there is a raise in the first bet, the exact same amount needs to be put to use when doubling down or splitting hands, though.

This "double attack" bet aside, blackjack double attack also comes with interesting side bets, which players can take part in. In the majority of circles, these side bets are called "Bust It." This bet has to be placed prior to seeing the up-card of the dealer on the likelihood of the dealer busting on their third dealt card.

How to Play

Blackjack double attack is definitely interesting for a variation of blackjack, but it isn't offered up very frequently. In fact, it can only be found in a few traditional and online casinos. However, this isn't bad. See, whatever you make from playing regular blackjack stems from strategies of card-counting and getting paid more when you get a blackjack.

These elements do not exist in blackjack double attack because of the Spanish shoes that are used and because blackjacks just pay out even money. Therefore, blackjack double attack should be reserved for pure entertainment only. Play smart!

Online Casinos Guide

Ranking Internet Casino USA Score Bonus
1. Go Casino USA 9.9 $200
2. Rushmore USA 9.9 $800
3. Rome USA 9.8 $150
4. Win Palace USA 9.5 $100
5. Online Vegas USA 9.5 $200